Study finds that Greenpeace alienates most, irritates the rest

Greenpeace activists pissing off Catholics

Washington – A study released earlier this week by several leading Universities concluded that Greenpeace “generally pissed people off” leading them to feel alienated and apathetic toward environmental issues.

Continuing on a long tradition of civil disobedience tactics, Greenpeace has maintained using the form of protest for a variety of environmental issues. “When we get 50 or 100 activists purposefully arrested at a nuclear power plant, I think that really informs the general public about the key environmental issues facing the planet today” said Emma Regent, Senior Actions Strategist for Greenpeace USA. “During actions, we wear shirts and carry banners with slogans such as ‘Clean Coal Does Not Exist’ or ‘Save the Tuna’. These highlight the specific issues we are fighting for”.

However, some DC area residents disagree. “I would like to learn more about over fishing and clean energy issues, but I don’t really want to get arrested” said Amy Zhang, a DC resident. “They [activists] seem really angry and aggressive, so I have decided to avoid the whole environmental thing altogether. I’m no young hippie; it’s just not for me”.

The study, which polled and interviewed thousands of Americans, found that most people identified less with environmental issues as a result of Greenpeace actions.

Responding to the study’s findings, the Greenpeace website immediately published two free e-books, 10 Ways You Are Destroying the Planet and All Problems, No Solutions. Regent, who co-authored the books said, “We think this will really get the average person on board with our ethos”.


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