Rah adventurer in final leg of publicity stunt, overshadowed by BP

Designs considered by de Rothschild

New Caledonia- Adventurer David de Rothschild has sailed for over 100 days at sea aboard the Plastiki, a boat made of 12,500 plastic bottles.  The Plastiki expedition is designed to raise awareness of marine pollution, composed mostly of plastic particles.

Concept architect Jason Desmond said, “This ship was designed to be as sustainable as possible.  It took our crew over 6-weeks to glue the plastic bottles to the hull of the $3 million yacht we are using as a skeleton”.  According to the expedition website, no more than 4,000 bottles have become dislodged from the main portion of the hull, considered “a real accomplishment, given the rough seas”.

In his final stop and interview before continuing on to Sydney, de Rothschild appeared aggravated and temperamental.  “All you people report about is the BP oil spill” he shouted, referring to the journalist attendees at the event.  “I’m floating about on a fucking giant plastic bottle bringing awareness to the microscopic flecks of plastic in the seas and BP still gets all the attention.  Do you think I can just continue on this loosely veiled sailing adventure without at least modicum of media coverage?!”

The Plastiki is expected to arrive in Sydney by mid August, bringing to end an expedition that has brought unprecedented attention to marine pollution issues.  As he untied the plastiki from the port in New Caledonia, de Rothschild proclaimed, “I do this because I have to, not because I want to.  I sacrifice myself for these causes”.


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