Bad LUC, Londoner forced to buy carbon credits for direct Land Use Change

Oval resident Juan Ramirez Lopez holding his crops in front of City Hall

London- Early this week the Environment Agency imposed its most harsh punishment on an individual citizen, forcing long time Oval resident Juan Lopez to purchase 10 tons of carbon credits.

“I just wanted to grow some maize”, said Lopez. “So, I dug up my grassy garden and had 3 small trees removed, then I put down some miracle grow fertilizer.  That was in April”.  By June however, neighbor Sheralize Wood had alerted the Environment Agency that direct land use change was occurring at 91 New Camberwell road.

“I was feeling light headed, so I knew something was wrong.  It was all that CO2 that was being released by his [Lopez] garden.  All that natural grass and woodland just destroyed like that?  I had to report it”, said Wood.

The Environment Agency followed up with its most comprehensive investigation of an individual UK resident to date.  After visiting Mr. Lopez’s garden investigators identified significant soil N2O and CO2 emissions resulting from fertilizer use and soil carbon release.  “We had never used it [LUC regulation] before on an individual, but in addition to converting grass to corn, Mr. Lopez destroyed three trees, and that is where we draw the line”.

Mr. Lopez admitted that from 1998-2009 three small deciduous trees were growing in his back garden, as well as tall grasses.  “At that point I was ordered to purchase 10 tonnes of carbon credits”, said Lopez.

Jerry Swatheby of the Environment Agency said, “When Mr. Lopez decided to cultivate corn in his back garden and release obscene amounts of soil carbon while destroying an existing carbon sink he broke the law.  Now he will pay for carbon credits and balance this whole mess out”

Sitting in his back garden looking at his growing stalks of corn, Mr. Lopez lamented, “If only I knew more about LUC, I would have been more careful.  I just wanted to grow a garden.”


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