IPCC admits woman-made emissions were not included in global calculations

Women, discovered to be responsible for additional greenhouse gas emissions

Washington- This week the National Organization for Women (NOW), issued a formal complaint to the International Panel on Climate Change.

For years the IPCC has scientifically demonstrated that climate change is the result of man-made activities.  But what of women?  Again we have been sidelined, even in the debate on climate change.  We demand equality on this issue and expect the IPCC to take swift actions.

– Jan Beeghands, Coalition Director of NOW

Though NOW’s initial complaint was based on language used within IPCC reports, what was subsequently uncovered as a result has deeply shaken the entire climate science community.  “We now know, that IPCC calculations have only considered about half of global greenhouse gas emissions.  The error has been attributed to the use of the term ‘man-made’ “, stated IPCC chief technologist Ivan Bolshtein.

Cambridge University climatologist Evan Waters explained, “We have spent the last 2 days corroborating calculations with other UK institutions and it appears to be true.  Only emissions attributed to male activities were calculated.  All greenhouse gas emissions resulting from any female activities have been completely ignored.  Essentially, the IPCC has only calculated half of global emission”.

The EU has already launched a full investigation of the matter, auditing the entirety of the IPCC, while many groups including Greenpeace are calling for resignations.

“It’s still too early to tell how significant the additional emissions attributed to females will be, but we expect to see a near doubling of global emissions,” stated Waters.


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