Gargantuan Drinking Birds to power UK by 2030

The 10 MW Drinking Bird, the largest ever imagined

Aberdeen- An all British team of designers, engineers and small toy enthusiasts have announced plans to build the world’s largest Drinking Bird [video below].  It is thought that the first commercial scale machine will be built in 2013-2014 after testing is completed.

“The renewable energy community laughed when I suggested this concept 8-years ago”, said Bill Smithey, long time Drinking Bird enthusiast and part-time inspirational speaker.  “But Arup got behind me on the idea, and the due diligence proves it.  The concept works”.

That concept has allowed engineers to scale up an 8 centimeter toy into a 275 meter machine, which when operating at full speed will generate 10 MW of electricity.

“By 2030, we might generate as much as 50% of our renewable energy from this technology.  It’s a game changer” remarked Aurther Plankstow, Project Leader.

Funding will remain a critical issue for the progression of this project, but strong international interest from the US Department of Energy, EDF and Eon power indicates that the power industry has taken note.

With a smirk on his face Smithey said, “I always said the Drinking Bird idea would take off- it’s really happening.”

Thanks: Mike


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