Summer brings 2010 temperatures to record highs

Generic picture of someplace hot and dry, which used to be wet

Scientists from top climate research centres agree that this summer has seen the hottest temperatures of the entire year.

Using a range of indicators including sea and air temperatures, scientists from the US, China and Europe have corroborated data indicating that July has had this years hottest temperatures.  In a  report published Thursday morning, peer-reviewed evidence strongly indicates the significant increase in temperatures since October 2009.  “We have not seen temperatures this high since August of last year,” said one leading researcher from the US.

The increase in average northern hemisphere temperature since January has resulted in significant changes in regional climates.  During the five-month period from January through May, scientists reported that 92% of all northern hemisphere snow melt occurred.  UC Berkeley scientist Mal Freedman said, “Here in the US we saw an average national temperature rise of 25 degrees Celsius, as well as host of changes in flora and fauna activity.  It’s rather worrying, the speed at which these changes are occurring.”

The report concluded that average temperatures may level off in the near term, possibly even decreasing.  “At this point we just can’t be sure what will happen next, but mitigation and adaptation strategies may be our best bet.”


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