Pope: Power of Christ Carbon Neutral by 2020

IPCC finds Power of Christ destroying the planet

Rome- During his weekly address in St. Peter’s Square Wednesday, Pope Benedict XVI announced that the Power of Christ would be carbon neutral by 2020.  The announcement comes on the heels of the IPCC’s inclusion of religion in its greenhouse gas inventory.

Due to be published in late November, analysts expect the inventory report to identify Christianity as the largest greenhouse gas emitting religion per capita, with Roman Catholics at the top of the list.  In an effort to comply with EU 2020 targets, the Vatican has recognised the need to reduce its carbon emissions.

Arch Bishop John Gialigini explains, “Vatican city is fairly small and mostly candle lit, so it is clear the carbon reductions are going to have to come from our main emission; the Power of Christ.”

The vatican will publish a roadmap late this year outlining the path toward reducing emissions associated with visions and miracles.  “We know we have difficult work ahead of us on this, but it’s what Jesus would have done,” said Gialigini.


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