Environmental Nihilist Group, Climate ChangeD, Describes Global Green Efforts as ‘Pointless’

 Logo of Climate ChangeD

New York – Facing dwindling membership and lack of leadership, the environmental organisation, Climate ChangeD, posted an open letter on its homepage today, stating that all operations would cease immediately.

We regret that after 2-years of running commentary highlighting the failures of climate change legislation, the ineffectiveness of global efforts to reduce emissions, and the likelihood that anything that humanity can muster as a solution will necessarily be pointless and in vain, we will cease our operations as an organisation.

A self-described Environmental group with a nihilist focus, Climate ChangeD members rarely organised rallies, staged protests or lobbied government.  Jacob Kan, Communications representative for Climate ChangeD said, “When we started this group, many of our members believed in fighting for a cleaner and decarbonised environment.  But 2-years on, we have become more nihilist and less environmentalist.  There’s just no point to this anymore.”

Jeremy Finster, a former member of the group stated, “When I joined Climate ChangeD, the organisation had drive.  But the more we realised how inconsequential any of our positive actions could be, even collectively, and once we started thinking on a universal timescale, considering life on the planet through the ages and the meaning of our own inconsequential existence; Well, we basically lost interest in environmental issues completely.”

Despite closing its doors as an organisation, Kan did believe there was value in the groups existence over the last few years.  “Many former members of Climate ChangeD were endlessly worried about the degrading state of the global climate.  But now, most have found  comfort in not caring.”


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