Cold Air in Northern Hemisphere Prompts Annual Global Warming Backlash

Winter and global warming: seemingly irreconcilable

Chicago – As the expected winter season approaches, with cold air already besetting much of the United States, a number of politicians and talking heads have begun the now annual tradition of balking at global warming.  Speaking from the frigid shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stated, “On freezing cold days like today, you’ve gotta ask yourself what these so called ‘scientists’ are up to?  Where’s your global warming now?” The frozen smiles of onlookers confirmed Romney’s rhetoric.

The inverse relationship between temperature and anti-global warming sentiment has now become so reliable says Anika Pratt, Professor of social sciences at Cincinnati University, that “We can accurately predict and monitor winter weather patterns by statistically analysing anti-global warming sentiment in the media and social networks.”

Pratt’s team also analyse anti-global warming sentiment in twitter feeds from across the country.  “This data is akin to Groundhog’s day, for the start of Winter.  When #globalwarminghoax is trending, winter is here.”

Pratt added that Fox News, in particular Bill O’Reilly, has been the most accurate predictor of first snow in the US North-East.  “In the last 8 years, first snow fall in New York was almost always directly preceded by an O’Reilly diatribe against global warming.”  Her winter advice this year? When the politicians start to argue the existence of man-made warming, ready the salt and shovel.

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