Obama Accused of Lip Syncing Inaugural Speech

Girl you know it’s true

Washington– Conflicting reports regarding the President’s lip speed as compared to audio heard throughout Capitol Hill, have sparked controversy that the President may have relied on a pre-recorded version of his speech during his inaugural address Monday.  A number of media representatives sat close to the podium during the speech noted that the president seemed inaudible compared to the sound emanating from many dozens of speakers surrounding the staging area and Mall.  “It’s quite uncommon, but not unheard of, to use pre-recorder speech tracks in high stakes situations, especially when there are so many variables,” said former Senatorial speech writer Carl Heimez.  “There are times where politicians may record speeches and use them last minute for a number of reasons; sore throat, exhaustion, or simply sheer terror.”

While Obama’s speech was widely considered to be impassioned, targeted and one of his strongest to date, a number of photos on twitter posted by the White House over the weekend show Obama reading through the speech with advisors, as well as sitting in front of recording equipment, with a version of the speech just legible on a stand.  “This lends just too much evidence to not question the president,” said Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends on Tuesday mornings show.  “The Democrats are going to tell us video delays and echoing were why Obamas mouth did one thing and his words another.  Maybe thats how they will explain everything for the next four years!” Doocy shouted.

The White House has yet to address questions, but comments on numerous YouTube videos claiming to prove that the president used a speech track, have turned into fervent name calling, a departure from the typically fair discussions that play out in YouTube comment feeds.

Carl Hiemez, a former producer of recorded speeches added, “It’s unclear to me if Obama used one or not, but he did look quite natural delivering the speech.  Though from the Lincoln Memorial where I watched it from, his lips were completely out of sync with everything I heard, so, jury’s still out.”


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