Law School Graduate Gets Same Job As Non Law School Graduate

A rolled sheet of worthless paper

A rolled sheet of worthless paper

New York – Following three years of rigorous Law studies and successfully passing bar exams in two states, John Romero was excited to meet the reality of months of unemployment and struggle.  “All the time and money spent studying and not gaining experience in the workforce has really prepared me for this moment,” said Romero, speaking from the basement laundry area of his parents home where he lives.  “I’ve always said I’d be somebody eventually, and at least I can still stand by that.”

Romero is not alone in his desperate search for work.  By the end of 2013, there are expected to be more unemployed lawyers in the US than unemployed people.  It’s an issue so concerning to the government that the Obama administration has asked Congress to hold hearings on the subject.  A senior White House official, overheard speaking anonymously nearby, was quoted as saying, “I can meet you at 9:30, my wife is out-of-town.”

Despite the shocking outlook for most Americans with Law degrees but not jobs, a recent study by Johns Hopkins University suggests that it is not nearly as bad for those with a useful education.  Those with degrees ranging from computer science to G.E.D certificate holders were 5 times as employable as Law degree holders during the previous three years.  “Our study was the most exhaustive research done on this and we came to some interesting conclusions and remedies,” said Harold Deiz, lead author of the study.

What does Deiz and his fellow Hopkins researchers prescribe to those who already completed Law degrees?  “We would recommend that current unemployed Law degree holders take the most reasonable course of action given their predicaments.  Teach english abroad.”


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