Non-compete Clause Prevents Pope From Working for Other Religions Until 2014

12121Rome – Since informing the Catholic Church of his plans to step down from the papacy by the end of February, it is believed that dozens of competing religions and cults have already inquired as to the Pope’s availability for leadership positions.  “Given his experience, intellect and known image, he is a top choice for a number of religious sects and young cults seeking to engage with a broader audience,” said Jeremy Davis of Global Recruitment, a London-based executives recruiter.  “Unfortunately, the Catholic Church is known for having top-notch contracts with extremely strong non-compete clauses.  Not even God could save him from this.”

While the Pope has not intentioned continuing his career in other capacities, the US-based cult group ‘Sith Order’ has hired legal representation to contend the non-compete on behalf of the Pope with the hope of bringing in his leadership.  While it’s unlikely that the ailing leader of 1.2 billion followers would downsize his following so drastically, he is not unaccustomed to breaking from expectations.


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