US Congress Committed to Effective Legislating in 2013

The Capitol has become a bastion of efficiency and compromise in modern governing

The Capitol has become a bastion of efficiency and compromise in modern governing

Washington – This week the House and Senate passed a number of critical bills, all currently awaiting the president’s signature for final approval. In a week free of filibuster, legislation was moved efficiently through the halls of congress as members of both parties compromised on nearly all issues. During a press conference earlier today Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said, “We’ve had an incredibly productive week and have enjoyed working closely with our colleagues from across the aisle…” During his statement Reid was sharply cut off by Mitch McConnell, shouting from behind the media pool, “It’s been our pleasure Harry!”. The Senate Minority Leader forced his way to the podium to embrace Reid in an unprecedented showing of political unity.

Despite the close bipartisanship in the Senate, the House was not without controversy this week. During a debate late Thursday, the House stayed in session well past midnight debating the finer points of a bill to provide a wide range of funding for cancer and stem cell research. Discussing the at times heated debate on the floor, Congressman Morris, R-Mississippi said, “We had to drill down into the science, really make sure the legislation was sound, logical you see. We’re not going to throw around millions of tax payer dollars here based on special interests, we’re gonna listen to the scientists and medical professionals and drive open, smart research.” Rep. Jim Davis, D-Ohio retorted, “It was a long night, back and forth. We reviewed and discussed so much technical material and debated a lot of science. But that’s how you get it right.”

Both the House and Senate have been in session more hours this week than any week during all of 2012, showing an early commitment to achieving a productive legislative year. Commenting on the recent success in Congress, House Speaker John Boehner said, “By working together and maintaining a strong commitment to reasonable discourse, logic and compromises in decision-making, we are proving the efficacy of a modern government.”


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