Exclusive Interview with English Indie Band Alt-J


London – Promoting their first studio Album, Joe Newman, lead singer from Alt-J sat down with us to discuss his musical influences, the explosive reception to the album and how he and his fellow band mates are managing success and preparing for their next album.

We had a few difficulties in writing the transcript of the interview, so we apologize in advance if some parts are difficult to understand.

Carbon neutral:  Hi Joe, pleasure to meet you today.  Could you tell our readers, some of whom might not have yet heard your album An Awesome Wave, what the Alt-J sound is like and what your album encapsulates both with its unique sound and lyrics.

Alt-J:  Yea.  Nice to meet you too.  The album is … (inaudible mumbles)… We, eeeep, whooo, whooo.  So, we try to move di daps, to… toooooo, make the sound sea.

Carbon neutral:  Right.  Well, I have to agree.  After listening to the album for several months now that is a great way to describe your music.  How have you found people’s reception to your music in Europe and in the US?

Alt-J:  The fans have been great, greep, grows.  Ahh.  Forty-eight, thirty-two.  It’s what makes us neep, bleek, googaly goo.  Just enjoy.

Carbon neutral:  Looking forward to your next album;  you guys are packed full through the end of summer with tour dates.  How do you find the time and creativity to put together your next album?

Alt-J:  Creatively, we have the vowels touch the knees.  I feel the pulse of the week in the (mumble) … darkness.  Oooh.  Fleep git, keeps the whole process in godgoney.

Carbon neutral:  That certainly is an interesting way to maintain your creativity and focus.

At this point we were becoming unsure of some of Joe’s answers, struggling to understand much of what he was saying.  I looked over to his publicist who was giving us the last question hand-sign, our 10 minutes were nearly up.

Carbon neutral:  I see we are running short on time, so just one last question.  What does Alt-J do for fun these days, to let loose from the pressure of touring and publicity?

Alt-J:  Good good good question.  We we we like to go go go to the cinema for quiet and peace.  But drink drink is also nec-es-sary sary.  We love finding small pubs pubs pubs, and chat over a few few or many pints pints.

Carbon neutral:  Wow.  You are truly artists.  It has been enlightening to meet you and I wish you the best on your summer tour.

Alt-J:  Geep schinvel deep.  Thanks mate.

Alt-J’s unique sound and crisp delivery have already earned them a Mercury Prize and many loyal fans. They will be touring across the US and Europe on the summer festivals circuit, and ought not to be missed live.

Alt-J tour dates


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