Arkansas Family Wins Exxon Mobil’s Annual Lifetime Supply of Oil Sweepstakes

The Baylors, winners of ExxonMobil's Lifetime Supply of Oil 2013, inspect their prize

The Baylors, winners of Exxon Mobil’s Lifetime Supply of Oil 2013, inspect their prize

Mayflower, Arkansas –  “Excitement and fear” are how the Baylor family, winners of Exxon Mobil’s 2013 Fuel Challenge, described their initial reaction toward winning the annual oil sweepstakes.  Each year, one first-prize winner is awarded a lifetime supply of liquid petroleum, which can amount to millions in cash equivalent at current prices.  “We were really hoping we’d win this,” said Amy Baylor, mother of two, “fuel prices are so high, they were really eating into our family budget.”

On March 29th, the Baylors were informed of their winning entry by receiving the entirety of their prize in one lump sum.  “First the kids came running into our bedroom and then I woke up my husband.  The whole house was shaking and there was a deep rumbling noise.  And then a sort of explosion sound in the backyard,” recalled Mrs. Baylor.  The exploding sound was the delivery of the Baylor’s lifetime supply of oil, brought directly to their door.  Over 20,000 barrels of sweet crude were delivered to the Baylor’s that morning via a previously unknown pipeline passing just behind their property.

“We were so excited when we saw that oil bubble up through the soil and stream.  I started crying when I realized that we’d won the Exxon Mobil Fuel Challenge,” said Mrs. Baylor.

The prize oil is often delivered in a number of creative ways, often to generate media attention and help further positive attention toward Exxon Mobil corporation and its dealings.  In previous years, prizes have been delivered by trucks driven by celebrities, in barrels secretly stacked on winner’s property and most notably by sea in 1989, when one winner near Anchorage, Alaska won a lifetime supply of oil for her entire village.

“Each time we run the sweepstakes we like to surprise the winners by bringing them their winnings in unique and exciting ways,” said Scott Richmond, spokesperson for the Exxon Mobil Fuel Challenge.  “Pipelines have actually provided a far more interesting and convenient way for us to deliver as well as surprise winners, so you can expect some terrific prize deliveries in the coming years!”

The Exxon Mobil Fuel Challenge sweepstakes for 2014 is already accepting entries.  “We would almost enter again just for the fun of it,” said Mrs. Baylor, “but I suppose we have enough to deal with at the moment!” she exclaimed looking back on her blackened oil-sheened property with a smile.

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