Kim Jong-un Demands Sequel to “Team America: World Police”

Seoul –  In a statement early Friday, the increasingly erratic supreme leader of North Korea demanded that the famed co-creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, “deliver the sequel to ‘Team America’, the film that foresaw the death of my father.”  The threatening demand by Kim Jong-un continued, warning of violence and destruction if the film was not delivered immediately.

A spokesperson for Parker and Stone said, “There have never been plans to write a sequel to the film, and therefore there is nothing that we can provide unfortunately.”  The strange demand follows weeks of posturing and increasingly provocative behavior from Kim Jong-un.  Analysts from the popular torrent website, found that in the past 3 months, “Team America: World Police” has been downloaded in Pyongyang over 25,000 times to IP addresses known to reside in government buildings.

Prof. Adam Harkley, an expert on North Korean society from the University of Toronto theorized that, “Given the potentially prescriptive nature of the original film [in the eyes of Kim Jong-un] it may be seen that a sequel film could help him figure out what to do next, or provide some perspective.”  The film, produced in 2004, featured the late Kim Jong-il as the lead villain and predicted his death. The film went on to gross $50 million globally.

“Kim Jong-un may have hoped that a sequel could provide him some guidance on what to do next, or at the very least help promote his villain status,” added Harkley.

Despite not being able to deliver any material to North Korea, Parker and Stone did have some encouraging words for the leader.  Early today their production company website read, “Follow your heart Kim Jong-un, and even though you may find yourself alone in this world, try not to get too lonely.”


  1. Makes sense now that KJU being assassinated (seth rogan) is being recieved in True Korea as a decleration of war.
    Kimmy is so easy to excite.



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