Queen Elizabeth II Still Alive

London – Following her normal morning routine of an early breakfast, reading the news and high intensity hide-and-seek, the Queen continues to be alive and well. Despite no rumours of ill-health, fatigue or sickness, a Royal spokesperson assured the public that the Queen has absolutely not died. But some argue that this news has not been made public enough.

Arnold Watterlen, a Royal historian who publishes a daily blog tracking if the Queen has died yet said, “I don’t think everyone is totally aware that she’s still alive. She’s been around so long I think people assume she’s passed on.” Watterlen believes that there should be far more weekly if not daily fanfare around the Queen, to keep her public and relevant.  Suggesting events such as the recent Diamond Jubilee, Watterlen said, “Events like that, but more often, would be a great way to get the message out; ‘I’m still alive!'”

Update: Yes, it has been confirmed as of this afternoon, the Queen is fully mobile and still definitely alive.


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