Fast & Furious 6 Early Favourite At Cannes

Cannes, France – The much-anticipated sixth installment of the gripping action saga, Fast & Furious 6 premiered to an enthralled audience at Cannes last evening. Many of the film’s stars were present for the premier including Vin Diesel, who dazzled onscreen again playing himself in an incredibly true-to-life performance. Murmurs of likely awards potential were already being tweeted by critics before the film’s ending including The Times’, “Paul Walker’s shown a nearly life-like performance. Oscar contender!” and The Telegraph’s, “This film should be promoted as 4D, because time literally stopped for me watching Diesel and the Rock on screen together.”

The Fast & Furious franchise shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Director Justin Lin said, “We are just beginning to really flesh the characters out and explore the dilemmas they face in a world of fast cars and international crime rings. It will take three or four more films to really do this story justice.” It might be possible for Lin to realize his dream. With Diesel’s perpetual fitness and Walker’s genetic inability to age, the actors are likely to be able to finish out the remaining films on good form. Walker said of potential future films, “I love working on Fast & Furious so as long as other films don’t get in the way, I hope I can keep this up.”

With both Best Picture and Best Actor potential, Fast & Furious 6 brings the depth, vision and emotion that have come to define the previous five films.  Not to be missed!


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