For Sale: Cleveland Home With Unique History And Spacious Basement

Cleveland, Ohio – A Cleveland area home located at 2207 Seymour street is likely to hit the lukewarm housing market later this month. Tucked into a quiet neighborhood with unobtrusive residents, the 2-story colonial-styled home boasts a large backyard, new siding and a large, well-insulated basement. Estate agent Jeremy Munroe describes the subterranean level as, “the real feature of the house. The basement spans the entire footprint of the home and is insulated against sound, moisture and escape. There are numerous hooks, latches and anchor points throughout for attaching and hanging items that must be restrained for long periods of time.”

The house has garnered a great amount of attention ever since three females were discovered being held hostage in the residence for over a decade. “Most homes in the neighborhood just don’t have the character and history this house has,” added Munroe. It’s that national attention that is expected to drive a quick sale on the property, which will likely fetch an above average price.


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