Ben Ghazi Just Wants His Old Life Back

Delaware – It was late in the evening on September 11th, 2012 when Amy Ghazi was startled by a phone call from a close family friend. “She told me to put on the news immediately. She was frantically asking if Benjamin, my father, was alright. I was really worried.” By the time Amy turned on her television all of the news stations were carrying the same headline, Benghazi had been violently attacked. “At first I was terrified, there was a burning car and headlines scrolling about a deadly attack. I was thinking, oh my god is dad OK?” Fortunately for the Ghazi’s they were not under attack that evening, but the relentless media attention on Benghazi has since brought a spate of confusion and daily annoyance for Mr. Ghazi, now 79. 

“Every day I’m explaining to my friends at the home that I’m fine, the news is not about me, but they all watch the Fox news all day you know,” explained Ben Ghazi. Mr. Ghazi lives in the Cherry Hill Retirement home, not far from his daughter in Wilmington where he spent most of his life. A dockyard worker, Vietnam veteran and outspoken democrat, Ben Ghazi proudly says that he voted for Obama in both elections. “I am really for Obama, so during the elections I even made signs and stickers, ‘Ben Ghazi Loves Obama!’ No one would wear them!”

With the scandal regarding the administration’s actions in Benghazi, Libya heating up once again, Ben Ghazi says he has stopped watching television and reading the papers altogether. “If I see my name in another headline, I swear I will literally explode,” warned Mr. Ghazi, visibly emotional. For now Mr. Ghazi is looking forward to the summer and his 80th birthday in July. When asked if there was anything he wanted to publicly clarify, Mr. Ghazi simply stated, “Yea. I’m Ben Ghazi, and I just want my old life back!”

Photo: David Shanckbone


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