Murray Likes Odds of Wimbledon Final Against Not Anyone Too Good

London –  With the Men’s quarterfinals just a day away and a continuous stream of upsets for top players, Andy Murray is looking to break the long-standing moratorium on a British win at Wimbledon. With so many top seed players already out of the tournament, betting house Odds4U is predicting a Wimbledon final between Andy Murray and someone not too amazing. “Obviously if Djokovic makes it through, we’ll eat our hats and start hoping for a British win next year, but the odds are looking that Murray will probably play against some guy who’s average” said Andrew Alyster from Odds4U.

Facing the best chances for a British win at Wimbledon since 1936, Murray said, “I just need to get through the quarters right now, and you know, keep praying that everyone else keeps on fucking up. Going well so far.” His hopes mirror those of the country as Wimbledon continues to shed players whose name’s people know.