Wilford Brimley’s Horse Dies From Diabetes

Utah – The family of Wilford Brimley reported that Sweetness, Brimley’s beloved horse, had succumbed to her lifelong battle with diabetes early this morning. Brimley, who also suffers from the disease, has been the outspoken face of Liberty Medical, which supplies home testing equipment. Sweetness became famous from Brimley’s best-known diabetes commercials, in which she was featured. The family has released a short but emotional statement:

On July 2nd, one of our dearest family members, Sweetness, passed away quietly in her sleep after 15-years with equine diabetes. She is survived by her love Wilford and the rest of the Brimley family and will be dearly missed.

The battle against diabetes, correctly pronounced die-a-beet-us, or just beetus, was made famous by Brimley’s intense, character driven commercials made famous during continuous mid-day airplay during shows such as The Price is Right and re-runs of the Golden Girls.

The family provided the tribute video below, in memory of Sweetness.