“Lost” Fans Called Upon to Aid With Malaysia Airlines Search

Kuala Lumpur – With few clues to work with and increasing pressure from families and Governments to find answers, investigators from Malaysia are now looking to the internet and ‘Lost’ fans for help.

“The similarities between flight MH370 and the first episodes of Lost are uncanny,” said Lee Kuna, a spokesperson for Malaysia Airlines. “Which is why we are asking all Lost fans to help in our search for the missing plane – and those onboard.” There are numerous islands near the location where the plane was last seen on radar, late Saturday evening. however, no signs of wreckage have been found by any of the numerous boats and planes scouring the search area.

Patrick Adney, a self-proclaimed mega-fan of Lost and owner of the fan website Lostjustthefacts.com said he welcomed the challenge. “As soon as the news broke on this incident I started thinking, oh my God, it’s happening, it’s episode one all over again. I’ve been on Google Earth since, trying to work out islands that could house DHARMA Initiative styled buildings and facilities. It’s exhausting but exciting.”

With still many questions and few answers, appeals to the public may grow in the coming days, as families and friends of those onboard flight 370 desperately wait for news.

David Blaine Considered a Suspect in Missing Malaysia Airlines Investigation

DBBeijing– As the investigation into the missing  Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 moved into its third day with still no clues as to what happened to the plane and its 239 passengers, officials have publicly announced several theories being actively pursued by local agencies. “We have three main theories right now; a catastrophic mechanical failure, terrorism, and – David Blaine. We can rule none of these out yet,” said a Malaysian official. Those with knowledge from within relevant agencies have said that David Blaine, famed American magician, illusionist and endurance artist – tops the list of most likely and capable of pulling off a feat of this scale.

“We have not released any additional suspect identities but will be working with relevant global agencies where necessary,” said Malaysian officials earlier today.  Blaine has been unreachable for comment, though sources including TMZ have indicated that he has been spotted as recently as last evening in New York City, where he lives.

Flight MH370 disappeared from radar while cruising at 35,000 feet, heading for Beijing Saturday night. There were no distress calls or known severe weather conditions to explain the incident, which continues to puzzle investigators. “As weird as it sounds – Blaine hasn’t had a special or big event in years, it really could explain alot here,” said one investigator with knowledge of the incident. Blaine has not yet been formally charged.

Airlines Lobby for Fatality Allowance in EU ETS

Fatal plane crashes may reduce the Carbon impact of air travel

Brussels – This week The American Airline lobby announced its innovative plan for the inclusion of fatal commercial airline incidences in the EU ETS as a means of generating additional ETS allowances for the responsible operator.

The European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) will include aviation starting in 2012. Airlines will have to surrender one ETS allowance per tonne of CO2 emitted on flights both in to and out from (and within) the EU. This applies to all commercial and non-commercial flights and applies no matter where an operator is based. 

Airlines, particularly those not based in the EU have been fighting against this inclusion since 2010, but the Commission has maintained that it will continue with the plans as previously set out.  However, airlines have now taken a decidedly new approach to the allowance system.  They are calling for the distribution of additional allowances in case of fatal incidences.  Ben Aker, a spokesperson for the American Airline lobby explains in more detail:

                “We reviewed the impact the average human has on the environment during their lifetime and concluded that in fact, the removal of a single human being from the planet can have significant CO2 reducing impacts”

In the Carbon for Carbon Plan, published by the lobby, a simple equation based on the nationality of the expired passenger is used to calculate the number of allowances to be generated per death following an airline crash.

Number of allowances per fatality:

(Ex – D) x (Cx)

Ex = Expected average life expectancy in country X

D = Age at death

Cx = Annual tonnes of CO2 per capita country X

Aker noted, “While we do all we can to ensure air travel safety, these types of tragedies do occur and it would only be fair for the EU ETS to capture the future Carbon savings associated with the losses of life that may occur in commercial airline crashes.”

The Commission will review the submitted plans and stated on its website that a decision would be made by early Autumn.