Public Left Wondering; Who Killed Trayvon Martin?

With George Zimmerman’s non-guilty verdict handed down by the court yesterday, many Americans are left wondering; Who killed Trayvon Martin?  Martin’s death by shooting in February last year left him in a permanent state of lifelessness, with family, friends and a nation wondering why. Now that the only known perpetrator in his death has been exonerated of murder, there is little left to do than ask average Americans to speculate wildly.

ID-10044402I’ve always subscribed to the Tupac theory in cases like this. I expect to see Trayvon a few years from now, probably on Law & Order or something. – Andy Jacobs, Accountant



ID-100168405I mean where is the gun in all of this? Surely that was the most responsible, don’t you think? -Whitney Frinsle, Baker





ID-10029092Well I guess only two people really saw what happened, and now we know one of them is totally innocent. So I guess, it was a suicide? – Jamie La Salle, Snake Fighter